Rust Free Quick Detach Super Swivels

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Big quality improve on Quick Detach Super Swivels!

Quick detach super swivels (Uncle Mike's type), starting from it's been generated till nowadays, swivels can go rusty have been the biggest issue to concern. Though our current version with every parts improved generally, especially on the surface handling applied Electrophoresis process, has achieved much better against scratching and going rusty. And our version of swivels have been widely accepted in different markets, no any rusty complains ever came into our sights. 

But, it's been always on our minds that there're times going rusty complains and improvement plans/actions fulfilled our numberous working hours; yet it's been a needle in our hearts that going rusty issue never really solved. 

Time has come to year 2020. This year in Aug, we successfully made samples of same appearance, same functioning quick detach swivels, using different type of materials; which we had passed to third party labs for 24hrs salt spray testing, AND, we'd achieved a PASS on this testing: No going RUSTY. Even 48hrs or more, we believe the new swivels can also give a PASS. 

It's very good news to all markets. If any customers require this type of rust free superior quick detach swivels, please feel free to send us an inquiry. Mass production is standby. 

Welcome sending inquiry mail to: [email protected].

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